Innovate, facilitate,
augment !

Wine Logics unlocks your team's added value and provides your salespeople a revolutionary personal assistant.

The Wine Logics Company is the result of a meeting between a wine veteran and a tech expert.
We have developed an Artificial Intelligence capable of understanding wine and spirits as a human expert would, reconciling the views of the sommelier, sales manager and marketing director.

Our ambition is to become the key player in the digitization of the wine & spirits sector.

Increase your relevance.

"Wine Logics allows our salespeople to delve into the depths of our catalog to find the most relevant products and hit the mark!"

Julien B. Sales Training - France Boissons

Wine Logics has developed an artificial intelligence that can adapt to each customer's context in order to identify the most relevant offer in your catalog. Generating personalized business proposals on the fly - including full wine lists - becomes child's play...

Easy setup✓

"We haven't had any trouble integrating Wine Logics into our information system. Their system is very flexible and their technical team is very responsive. "

Grégoire de J. CTO - AdVini

Thanks to its robust and flexible architecture, Wine Logics is able to adapt to all environments and contexts S.I.. The interoperability is easy, the deployment simplified.

Quick user adoption✓

"The solution's ease of use made it an instant hit with our team."

Céline V. South-West Regional head of Sales - France Boissons

Wine Logics combines advanced business knowledge with the application of good ergonomics / design practices, making its tools very easy to learn and very practical to use. Many users adopt the tools before even being trained.

Wine Logics,
an experienced team dedicated to innovation:

Julien Pichoff

CEO, founder

11 years of experience in the tech and wine industry. Loves white Burgundy and Jura Chardonnays.

Jean-Marie Cacquevel

CSO, partner

15 years of experience in wine & spirits sales, from freelance sales agent to managing a 120 strong sales team. Huge fan of Loire and Southwestern wines.

Yann Offredi

CTO, partner

12 years of experience in the development then the technical architecture and finally the technical / technological direction.
Beer geek!

Dimitri Loukine

Head of UI/UX, partner

10 years of experience in design and user interaction. Passionate about spirits in general and whisky in particular.

Mathilde de B.

Project manager

After 9 years of experience in the cosmetics and luxury sectors, the transition to the wines and spirits industry was very natural. She prefers fruit-bomb and spice-heavy wines.

Etienne K.

Senior developper

With more than 20 years of experience, Etienne is unmatched when it comes to advanced coding and methodology issues. He enjoys sweet wines and oxidative whites.

Timothée K.

Senior developper

12 years of experience in coding and database architecture.
Timothée is a cognac and scotch connoisseur.

Sylvain T.


With 10 years of experience, Sylvain followed an atypical path, from project management to coding which is his true passion.
He's the other beer fan in our team!

They trust us :